Pet Bottle Mould Affects Product Production

The bottom of the Pet Bottle Preform is whitish 1. The hot runner temperature is insufficient 2. The material temperature is less than 1. Strengthen insulation measures 2. Increase the temperature of the hot nozzle at this location. Appropriately increase the material temperature. Speed ​​up the injection speed 5. Reduce the pressure holding 6. Slow down the cooling water flow rate

Pet preform is opaque 1. Insufficient drying of raw materials 2. Insufficient plasticization of raw materials 3. Pp>The wall thickness of the preform is too large or insufficiently cooled. Mix in other plastics 5. The material temperature is too low 1 to ensure drying for more than four hours. Increase the material temperature 3. Increase the screw speed 4. Check if the dry material temperature is too small or the injection volume does not match. It must be ensured that the raw material is dried at 165 degrees to a moisture content of less than 0.02%. Strengthen cooling, thin wall thickness

The PET preform is changed from transparent to opaque. 1. The film removal temperature is too high. Strengthen the cooling water 2.2. Extend the cooling time 3. Change injection time

There is fog on the side of the PET preform. The pressure is too high 2. The bottom film gate hole is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure 2. Correcting the mold

Pet preform has silver or yellow 1. Plastic decomposition 1. Reduce the drying temperature and prolong the drying time. Adjust the injection speed 3. Reduce the material temperature 4. Lower the temperature of the hot nozzle

PET preform has bubbles 1. Dry less than 1. Strengthening drying 2. Increase the material temperature 3. Reduce screw speed

There are irregular ring grooves in the PET preform. 1. The water vapor condenses in the core cavity. Strengthen the drying of the workshop. Increase the cooling water temperature 3. Dry the Pet Bottle Mould


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