Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Mould Making Perfect Products

The reason why the Pet Bottle Preform appears white mist of the bottle:

1. The white mist in the bottle body is mostly related to raw materials and plasticization and cooling. The moisture of the raw materials should be checked, and there should be moisture in the dryer to ensure the dryness of the raw materials and dryers;

2. When the plasticization is insufficient, the back pressure should be increased, the machine temperature and the screw speed should be increased, and the screw buffer position should be ensured.

Reasons for crystallization at the bottom of the preform:

1. The nozzle temperature is too low and the activity is high. For this case, the nozzle temperature can be raised or lowered;

2. The pressure of the holding pressure is too large, and this situation can be avoided when the third stage of the holding pressure is reduced;

3. Poor cooling, resulting in crystallization, should check the pressure, temperature and flow of the cooling system in time, increase the cooling time and clean the mold cooling system;

4. Too little glue should increase the location and time of pumping;

5. The valve needle nozzle wear and the complete type of the heating ring are poor. The valve needle nozzle should be inspected and replaced, and the nozzle hot ring should be placed close to the nozzle.

Choosing Jilian mold, we not only provide you with the perfect Pet Bottle Mould, but also provide you with comprehensive after-sales service, so that you can make perfect pet products without worrying about other problems.


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