Jilian Mold Provides High Quality 5-gallon Pet Preform

After years of careful research, Jilian Plastics has developed a set of Pet Bottle Preform mold design. The professional structure of the preform mold design has been widely used in many packaging industries, and it is sold well in China with high quality, energy saving and long service life. In addition, it has won the praise of the majority of users and exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Sales have increased steadily year by year.

We have advanced mold processing equipment, strong technical force, high-quality system for the design, modeling and programming of various preform molds, with the ability to manufacture high, fine and sharp molds. We are designed to use professional software to meet the needs of today’s market for plastic products and your needs.

We are a business elite representative, professional technical engineer, and a number of agencies, providing business consulting, technical support and after-sales service to customers and friends at any time. It also provides a one-stop service throughout the entire process of mold design, production and use, saving effort and effort. Welcome to contact us by phone, we provide you with a complete range of products, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to caps, handles, etc. We welcome all interested customers to contact us, we will bring you satisfactory service.


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