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The Processing Of Pet Preforms Raw Materials

1. Processing of raw materials

Since the PET macromolecule contains a lipid group and has a certain hydrophilicity, the pellet is sensitive to water at a high temperature. When the moisture content exceeds the limit, the molecular weight of the PET decreases during processing, and the product is colored and brittle.

Therefore, the material must be dried before processing, and its drying temperature is 150 ° C, more than 4 hours; generally 170 ° C, 3-4 hours. Airborne methods can be used to verify that the material is completely dry. The proportion of Pet Preform Mould reclaimed materials should not exceed 25%, and the recycled materials should be thoroughly dried.

2. Injection molding machine selection

Since PET has a stable time after melting point and a high melting point, it is necessary to use an injection system with more temperature control sections and less self-friction heat during plasticization, and the actual weight of the product (aqueous mouth material) cannot be less than the machine injection. 2/3 of the amount.

3. Pet preform mold and gate design

PET preforms are generally molded with hot runner Pet Preforms molds. It is best to have a heat shield between the pet preform mold and the injection molding machine template. The thickness is about 12mm, and the heat shield must withstand high pressure. Exhaust gas must be sufficient to avoid local overheating or chipping, but the depth of the exhaust port should not exceed 0.03mm, otherwise it will easily produce flash.

The Role Of Pet Preforms

Pet Preforms may have been rarely seen, and PET bottles, which we often use, are closely related. In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we will share its related functions today.

The role of preform

1, can be used as an intermediate, can be better watched after the production, if there are unpleasant addresses can be succinctly revised, will not become a waste after the completion.

2, it is relatively simple to control, can be very good for us to send Pet Preform Mould, so that the production of the seat is better.

3, this product material is generally compared to simple processing, so the purpose for us is to save the cost of the operation, of course, can also reduce the amount of work, in the pet preform mold, then the natural can be better invested in the production of inspection, And it can save some mistakes, so as to better protect the benefits of our seat.

The above is an introduction to the production materials and functions of pet prefabricated parts, hoping to help friends who have this need.

Pet Preforms Need To Be Inspected

Pet Preform Mould factory direct sales of products used in the food industry, this type of products in the processing and production requirements are more stringent, today we will come to understand its production process.

There are two kinds of production processes for pet preform molds. One is the extrusion blowing process, that is, the PET raw materials are added into the extruder, and the molten parison is extruded by heating and melt molding, and then put into a bottle mold to form an inflation molding. Remove from the mold after cooling and setting. The two are injection-blowing processes, that is, PET raw materials are injection-molded into a tubular parison by an injection molding machine, and then placed in a bottle mold by stretch-blowing molding, and cooled to obtain a finished product. This is mainly used to produce PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles.

Of course, the Pet Preforms produced should be tested and tested, especially in terms of hygiene. This will ensure food safety and prevent packaging from contaminating dried fruits and other foods and affecting our health.

Pet Bottle Preform Are Used In Various Industries

When we pay close attention to the market, we will find that beverage PET bottles are a relatively rich category in both packaging and crafts; beverages determine the development of beverage Pet Bottle Preform, and the beginning of the transformation has brought a lot of New patterns, from the lid to the bottle body, dropper, spray, lotion, foam, pressing, etc., are more and more extensive, and have been used for a long time, and have been invested in various fields; in order to find a similar appearance glass The shatter-resistant material was introduced, and the pet bottle preform package was introduced. Now this special new material has been expanded in other industries.

At the same time, the national economy is tense. There is no doubt that the economy will be worsened in the near future. However, there are only three ways for pet bottle preform manufacturers to optimize costs, expand service areas and expand business, and only win in large quantities. Certain profit.

The continuous deterioration of the economic situation has had a negative impact on the development of all industries. It is a favorable factor to reduce the weight, which is not only more conducive to environmental protection, but also effective in reducing costs.

In the era of constant changes in the times, we must keep up with the changes of the times to update our thinking, and the bottles should be continuously subdivided, focusing on the PET packaging bottle field, and the product development and processing process for this industry. Keep improving and meticulously complete every step of the whole process, only to bring you the best quality products, the most convenient service, if you have PET bottles, PET bottles and other PET bottles production needs, please feel free to contact us, I believe We will definitely bring you satisfactory Pet Bottle Mould products and services.

Jilian Mold Strictly Produces 5-gallon Pet Preform

The Pet Bottle Preform of Jilian Plastics are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They range from opaque to translucent or transparent, so different measurement techniques are required depending on the type of sample.

The opaque preform is opaque and is preferably measured using a diffuse pre-form that allows light to pass through but only diffuses, so that the other side of the object cannot be clearly distinguished. Both the reflection and transmission measurement modes work well depending on the translucency of the sample. According to the rule of thumb, if you can see the fine details of your thumb or fingers through the preform’s path length, then the transmittance is the preferred method of measurement. If you don’t see the subtle details, then the reflection is Preferred.

The path length is defined as the thickness of the sample from which the light is incident to the exit sample.

The transparent preform allows light to pass with little or no interruption or deformation so that the object on the other side can be clearly seen. These preforms can only be measured with a transmission instrument.

In addition, certain metrics and indices, such as color, yellowness, whiteness, or haze, require the use of specific geometries and specific measurement modes.

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How Is The Preform Of A Pet Bottle Preform?

(1) Process of PET bottle production

Material Mixing – Material Plasticization – Injection – Open Blank Mold – Pet Bottle Preform and Mandrel Index – Blow Mold Closing – Pet Bottle Blank Inflatable Cooling – Open Blow Mold – PET Bottle Mold Release, PET Bottle – flame surface treatment – packaging

(2) PET bottle production formula

The choice of materials for blow molding polyethylene is generally polyethylene, has good mechanical properties and stress crack resistance, and good hygienic properties, titanium content of titanium or milk white masterbatch, strong tinting strength, good dispersion Zinc stearate has good lubricating properties to improve the release and release of pet bottle preforms, and has a heat stabilizing effect to prevent white PET bottles from turning yellow.

PET preforms are easy to carry, not afraid of falling, have acid and alkali resistance, are easy to produce, and are also good for recycling. If you want to find a good quality Pet Bottle Mould, then Jilian mold is your best choice, we will bring you the best pet purchase experience, then come and contact us.

How Do Pet Bottle Preform Have A Bigger Market?

Pet Bottle Preform seem to be invisible objects in life, everyone is used to it, but pet bottle preform production is a big science for pet bottle manufacturers, constantly doing market all year round. By analyzing and investigating continuous innovation and design, we can have a bigger market and have the possibility to lead the market.

What are the specific conditions for the production of pet bottle preforms?

The first is the consumer’s habits, the habit of using is humanized design, easy to design on the take and belt.

The second is to satisfy the consumer’s vision. We can often find out that in fact, the current popularity is to popularize what used to be called obsolete in the past few years. The pet bottle is also the same trend, and there is a fixed trend. road.

The third is the most basic quality. The quality of the product determines the market of the product. The quality determines the brand of the product. The quality is still determined by the raw materials and production process.

The production threshold of pet bottles is very low, but the requirements, technology and market share are the most worthwhile aspects of manufacturers; I believe that in the near future, Pet Bottle Mould will break through the current dilemma and continue to move forward.

Features Of One Stretch Blow Molding Pet Bottle Preform

What is the molding method for high temperature resistant PET bottles?

One stretch blow molding. Heat the stretch blow mold to 100~180°C, then place the reheated Pet Bottle Preform in the stretch blow mold, perform a stretch blow molding, and hold for a few seconds or more than ten seconds to make the product crystallization. After the mold. The one-shot stretch blow molding method has the following characteristics:

1The equipment layout is simple, the floor space is small, and the heating equipment and cooling container of the stretch blow mold can be added to the original molding equipment (the number of cooling containers can be determined according to the production status), and the PET bottle can be finished. Warm disposal.

2 Directly heat on the Pet Bottle Mould, heat treatment, and the heat loss is small.

3 The one-time stretch blow molding method uses a low treatment temperature and a low degree of crystallization of the product, and the acceptable hot filling temperature is lower than that of the secondary stretch blow molding.

4 Although it is a one-time stretch blow molding and heating treatment, the product still needs to be cooled and disposed, and the total molding time is extended.

The Performance Of Pet Bottle Preform

PET chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, mainly used to produce Pet Bottle Preform.

PET has better rheological properties in the molten state, and the effect of pressure on viscosity is greater than temperature. Therefore, the fluidity of the melt is mainly changed by the pressure.

Since PET macromolecules contain lipid groups and have a certain hydrophilicity, the particles are sensitive to water at high temperatures. When the moisture content exceeds the limit, the molecular weight of PET decreases during processing, and the product is colored and brittle. In this case, the material must be dried prior to processing at a drying temperature of 150 ° C for more than 4 hours, typically 170 ° C for 4-6 hours. The air injection method can be used to verify that the material is completely dry.

The proportion of recycled materials should generally not exceed 25%, and the recycled materials should be thoroughly dried.

Since PET has a short settling time and a high melting point after melting point, it is necessary to use an injection system having more temperature control portions and less self-friction heat during plasticization, and the actual weight of the product (aqueous injection material) Can not be less than 2/3 of the injection capacity of the injection molding machine.

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Pet Bottle Preform Are Dependent

Since the market for Pet Bottle Preform is now on the rise, the development of PET bottles is bright. Because of its unique advantages, it is widely used and relied on. Therefore, the requirements for the performance of PET bottles are getting higher and higher. We should consider its durability when choosing PET bottles, and more fully understand their texture and raw materials. According to incomplete statistics, the demand for PET bottle packaging in the global pharmaceutical industry is quite large, and its development in the plastic packaging industry in the pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly.

The research and development, production and market expansion of PET bottles with high demand in the market still need to be strengthened. In order to make China’s PET bottles have wider application and market in medicine, we should strengthen biological research, increase investment, and develop high-end medical plastic products that are urgently needed in domestic and foreign markets. Medical PET bottle product processing and production enterprises can only create a new world by taking the path of “technical innovation”.

Facing tremendous development opportunities, we must also face the reality of international competition and weak foundation. China’s medical plastics industry should make timely use of the convenience brought by the information age, firmly grasp the industry trends, improve product quality, and accelerate product upgrades. In the replacement, on the basis of ensuring the market share of existing products, we will increase our independent innovation capability, striving for our own brands, and strive to enter the global medical plastic products industry as soon as possible.

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